Chris Jericho Compares AEW All In To The Super Bowl

All Elite Wrestling continues to break records as the ticket sales for All In in Wembley Stadium continue to move at a relatively constant clip. Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho spoke with AEW about how big the August 27 supercard will be.


"I think All In is aptly named because I think everybody in AEW, everybody in the world that's associated with AEW wants to be in Wembley," Jericho said. "Who's gonna be there? What are the big matches we're gonna have? All I know is this, it's almost like the Super Bowl, you're gonna wanna go even if you don't know who's wrestling because you know you're gonna get a huge, huge card with huge, huge matches in a huge, huge stadium. It's the perfect time for AEW to come to the UK, when we're the most popular wrestling company in the country."

Yesterday, AEW confirmed that 60,000 tickets have already been sold for All In, making it the largest non-WWE show with paid attendance in the modern era. The company has made over $6 million on the presale, and still has yet to announce the general sale numbers, meaning the event is likely to be a near-sellout without a single match announced. There is still no word on how All In will be broadcast. 


Jericho using the "Super Bowl" comparison would put All In on the level of a WrestleMania or Wrestle Kingdom, a large scale event where the brand is as important as the matches, hence the term "WrestleMania Moment."