Mark Henry Calls Bad Bunny The Best Celebrity Wrestler Of All Time After WWE Backlash

Bad Bunny may only have a couple of matches to his name in his wrestling career, the most recent being a victory over former tag team partner Damian Priest this past Saturday at WWE Backlash (which took place in Bunny's home country of Puerto Rico). But that limited sample size is all Mark Henry needs to see to know how great Bunny is as a wrestler. In today's episode of Busted Open Radio, the AEW personality revealed just how great he thinks Bunny is when it comes to the lexicon of celebrity pro wrestlers.


"Bad Bunny is the greatest, the absolute, no peers whatsoever, greatest celebrity wrestler of all time," Henry said. "There is nobody close. Lawrence Taylor is right there, Pat McAfee did a hell of a job. But Bad Bunny is on another level."

Henry gushed over Bunny's ability to sell and express emotion, admitting that Bunny had him on his feet multiple times during the match. It's that skill, coupled with his star presence, that makes Henry certain of his earlier claim.

"He was playing like a veteran wrestler, the way that he sold, the way that he recovered," Henry said. "[He was] smart enough to roll out of the ring. He registered. The dude emotionally got that crowd in a frenzy ... You said it could've been the main event. You mean to tell me that a celebrity could main event over Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes? Yeah.


"And how can you argue that he is not the greatest? That was some incredible wrestling ... I said that match with him and Priest was going to be good, because it had to. I had no idea that Bunny had this in him. I'm going to step off the box, but nobody is close. Better than Andy Kaufman."

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