Matt Hardy Thinks AEW All In At Wembley Might Be A Blueprint For US Stadium Shows

AEW's first venture into stadium shows is proving to be a resounding success, with over 60,000 tickets sold already for All In at Wembley Stadium, but Matt Hardy believes this could just be the start of things to come. "I could see this being a blueprint for a major United States stadium show, I really could," he said on "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy." All In will be AEW's most attended show, and Hardy believes that is because people are willing to travel from all across Europe to be part of the festivities. Even though some criticize the company for not growing their ratings more, Hardy remains confident in the numbers that he is seeing attend shows. 


"The demand is tangible, the demand for AEW is still growing," Hardy explained. "Even the last few events and houses that we've had when it comes to live events and TVs, the attendances in the venues have been really, really strong. So it's been doing well. I think people are still learning about the brand AEW."

Since AEW's launch, fans have compared the company with WWE, which Hardy admitted is hard for them not to do. However, this show is going to bring in a WrestleMania-style crowd, and that is something the company could then piggyback on in America, as All In is proving there is a demand. "WWE is just so much further ahead, their brand is so ingrained in global wrestling lore," Hardy said. "AEW is doing a great job, and I think this is a very strong statement just about the power of AEW and the AEW brand and how there's such a demand for it."


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