Jeff Jarrett Remembers Infamous 'Steiner Math' TNA Promo After Its 15th Anniversary

While TNA has long-since transitioned into Impact Wrestling, the memories will always remain, and one of the most iconic and commonly-referenced segments is the infamous "Steiner Math" promo. Performed by Scott Steiner with untethered intensity and confidence, "Steiner Math" featured the titular wrestler calling out Samoa Joe regarding an upcoming title match featuring the two of them, along with Kurt Angle in the mix. More than 15 years after the promo first hit the air, TNA veteran Jeff Jarrett shared his thoughts on the segment on his podcast, "My World."

"It's one of those promos that has grown," Jarrett says. "As time's gone on, and you really drill it down to it, and you get the opportunity to look at Petey's facials, and you gotta look at Rhaka's facials, and then you look at Lauren's facials, and Scotty just keeps rolling on it. It's a gem, pal. It is an absolute gem." Steiner was joined in the segment by Petey Williams and Rhaka Khan as allies, as well as interviewer Lauren Thompson — their reactions range from confusion and disbelief to subdued laughter.

Jarrett and co-host Conrad Thompson would go on to discuss the progression of wrestling promos over time, and how many performers began leaning on catchphrases during the late 1990s and onward. However, Jarrett feels that the "Steiner math" promo broke that mold, helping it stand out.

"Scotty did this in '08, when it was an era of catchphrases," Jarrett continued. "I think, in a way, [it] makes it ... special, or unique." The WWE Hall of Famer said that Steiner told a story in his own way, and that is the key to a truly great wrestling promo even today.