Alexander Wolfe Says SAnitY Didn't Work On WWE Main Roster Without Nikki Cross

While he's since been released from WWE and has become very active on the European independent scene, wrestler Alexander Wolfe was once a member of WWE stable SAnitY alongside Eric Young, Killian Dain, and, in the group's "NXT" days, Nikki Cross. Cross was eventually removed from the stable when they joined the main roster, and speaking to "So Catch" on YouTube, Wolfe shared his belief that Cross was a necessary part of the group's presentation.

"I think it bothered me more that we moved up to 'SmackDown' without Nikki Cross," Wolfe said upon being asked how he felt about never winning the "WWE SmackDown" tag team championship. "That was the first death blow, I believe. Because if you have a ... unique unit like that, who works like clockwork, and you destroy that — it's not good."

According to Wolfe, Cross wasn't kept on "NXT" because she needed more time to develop as a wrestler, but rather because the brand's women's division needed to keep credible performers like Cross around at the time. Wolfe said the decision came from Vince McMahon himself. Though Wolfe said he didn't get very much enjoyment out of SAnitY's main roster run, the former WWE star has no regrets.

"I learned so much in that time," Wolfe continued. "I learned just not to be only a technical, smooth, and crisp professional wrestler. I learned to create a character." The 36-year-old wrestler stated that he learned how to take an aspect of himself, take it up a number of notches, and create a larger-than-life persona out of it.