AEW Puts Satnam Singh In First Class On Flights, Thanks To Tony Schiavone

The rigors of weekly travel are hell on any wrestler, but when one is the size of AEW's Satnam Singh, things can get very rough. In a new interview with "AEW Unrestricted," the topic of comfort in traveling was brought up, and for the most part, Singh seemed very agreeable.

"For three months, four months I feel great," Singh said, noting that he doesn't like the middle seat, but after a few months on the road though, Singh complained that it was becoming difficult to stay comfortable during travel.

"Tony Schiavone and another AEW [official] ... said, 'We have to figure out something,'" Singh said. "'We're putting you in first-class.'"

According to Singh, the switch was a tremendous relief on his knees, back, hips, and other parts of his body that were compressed when he was sitting in coach.

A former basketball player from India, Singh debuted in AEW in April of last year and has been aligned with wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and recently, Mark Briscoe. Dutt has been mentoring Singh since his debut, and back in December said that Singh was nearly ready to begin wrestling solo. As it stands, since that interview, Singh has wrestled a one-on-one match against Serpentico on the 2023 Jericho Cruise and then wrestled a handicap match, which – while not a singles match – was a solo outing for the giant wrestler. Singh last wrestled on the April 14 edition of "Rampage" where he helped Lethal, Jarrett, and Briscoe pick up a win in a brief eight-man tag contest.