Mark Briscoe Says ROH Dog Collar Match Vs FTR Was Physically Taxing But Mentally Easy

There have been countless memorable tag team matches in the history of professional wrestling, but one that undoubtedly comes to mind from recent times is the Dog Collar Match for the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championship between The Briscoe Brothers and FTR at ROH Final Battle 2022.


While speaking with Chris Jericho on "Talk Is Jericho," Mark Briscoe reflected on the match and how the hard-hitting contest wasn't mentally taxing.

"As physically taxing as it was, mentally, it was such a breeze because when we [got] there, we're like, 'Alright, let's beat the absolute dog s*** out of each other," Briscoe said. "No need to complicate anything. Make it look like a real, damn fight.'"

Briscoe went into further detail about the thinking of both teams prior to the bout, and stated that the four men wanted to keep things simple, given the feelings they were looking to invoke from viewers. He expressed that things felt like a dream and noted that he had a lot of fun, even calling it "the best night of work ever".


He additionally revealed some behind-the-scenes details of the competition and said that while things were a little bit rough at first, the ice was broken between the four men after FTR witnessed himself and his brother Jay hilariously get into a small argument over something in the match. 

The match was won by The Briscoe Brothers who ended FTR's 253-day reign with the titles. Following Jay Briscoe's death, the titles were vacated and are currently held by The Lucha Brothers, who won the vacant titles at Supercard of Honor.

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