Chavo Guerrero Comments On Rumors Of WWE's Roman Reigns Transitioning To Hollywood

While there have been exceptions, not everyone can be successful in Hollywood once their wrestling days are over. Rumors surrounding a potential acting future for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns have persisted, with WWE CEO Nick Khan even saying last April that there are plans in place to help him cross over when the time comes. 

On a recent episode of "Insight," former WWE superstar and current "Young Rock" wrestling coordinator Chavo Guerrero discussed the potential idea of Reigns going Hollywood.

"Awesome man, I love it," Guerrero said. "It's a tough transition. Not everybody gets really lucky ... not lucky, gets the right place, right time, like The Rock and [John] Cena."

While The Rock has consistently finished near the top of highest-paid actors lists multiple years running, other former WWE superstars such as Dave Bautista, and even more recently John Cena, have continued to hone their acting skills through a variety of roles. 

For Guerrero, who has worked on both Netflix's "GLOW" as a fight coordinator and now on NBC's "Young Rock," it all comes down to what Reigns is able to bring to the table. There, he praised Bautista's strength while noting that right now, he doesn't know who Reigns is as an actor.

"Those guys, they were good actors. They are both very good actors," Guerrero said of The Rock and Cena before praising Bautista. "Dave Bautista's a very good actor, and they've gotten better, and better, and better. So I don't know how good Roman Reigns can be yet, I've really only seen him play Roman Reigns."

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