GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee Nominates Takashi Sugiura For Upcoming Title Defense

Since winning the GHC Heavyweight Championship from Kaito Kiyomiya earlier this year, Jake Lee has had a massive target on his back in Pro Wrestling NOAH. NOAH's seemingly unbeatable invader has already defeated both Katsuhiko Nakajima and Naomichi Marufuji in recent months, so when nobody stepped up to challenge him earlier this month, Lee sought out a new challenger himself earlier today at Star Navigation in Korakuen Hall.

Following an eight-man tag team match that saw NOAH's main unit defeat Good Looking Guys, Takashi Sugiura dominated Jake Lee, nearly claiming a referee stoppage via submission. While neither man was involved in the match's decision, Sugiura's onslaught prompted Lee to nominate Takashi Sugiura as his next opponent for the company's top prize. Not someone to turn down a challenge, Sugiura respectfully accepted the match, with it now being confirmed as the main event of Green Journey in Nagoya on June 17.

Sugiura's bout against Lee will be his first GHC Heavyweight Championship bout since 2021, though he has spent the time since his last challenge dominating NOAH's heavyweight tag team division. Sugiura has won the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championships three times with three different partners in the past 15 months, marking his 7th, 8th, and record-breaking 9th reign with the titles.

For Lee, who debuted for Pro Wrestling NOAH just this year, a match against Sugiura means yet another chance to triumph over one of the most legendary wrestlers in NOAH history. Along with being one of the most decorated champions in NOAH history, Sugiura's unmatchable power will pose a new challenge for Lee in his third defense of the GHC Heavyweight Championship.