Leva Bates Discusses Her AEW Exit And Her Future Plans

Leva Bates' departure from AEW has been the subject of reports and rumblings over recent days, amidst news that her contract not being renewed was a shock to many, including Bates herself. In a recent stream from her Twitch channel, Bates talked about her leaving AEW and her plans for the future (h/t to Post Wrestling for the transcription).

"Yes, I am no longer with AEW but that is okay," Bates said. "I put a lot of love and effort and energy into that place and no regrets. I am so happy to be there from day one before we even had a show, before we even had our first pay-per-view and I have made history. I am a part of history. So I am forever grateful and forever will just be so thankful to have been a part of that."

While Bates was known for her onscreen character The Librarian, she also worked behind the scenes. She especially put work in on AEW Heels, an organization dedicated to making wrestling a more female-friendly space. On her stream, Bates went on to say that while she'll miss Heels, she knows what she wants with her future in the industry.

"I am not performing as much as I would like to perform. So I'm taking all of this energy and focusing it on trying to make things happen. Trying to wrestle as many places as I can. To go, maybe, who knows where?," she said, "I'm trying to act. I have some stuff lined up to get me on my journey. I have a really cool meeting for some voiceover demo stuff. Hopefully that goes well and I can move forward with that and hopefully land a voiceover agent [...], I got a lot of things in motion."