Kevin Nash Reveals Worsening Neck Issues, May Need Neck Fusion Surgery

Kevin Nash has been active on social media this week, chronicling recent issues he's run into with his neck and the nerve pain resulting from those issues. On the latest episode of Nash's "Kliq This" podcast, the retired wrestler provided some additional details on the problems with his neck, and revealed that he may require neck fusion surgery if his current treatment regimen doesn't work.

"I had MRIs done," Nash said. "My neck – it's always been bad, but it's just getting worse. It curves the wrong way, and I'm starting to get some compression on some of my nerves. I've got stenosis, and I've just – I've got a lot of things going on." Nash stated that he underwent a stem cell treatment for neck issues before that gave him relief, and he's going to try the same treatment again. If the treatment doesn't work, Nash said he would likely have to get neck fusion surgery.

The WWE Hall of Famer said that he would be taking the trip down as an "influencer," sharing his experience on social media. According to posts on his Instagram page, Nash has completed his treatment, though it's as of yet unclear how effective it was in terms of his pain and discomfort.

Though his last match took place in 2018, Nash has stayed in the public eye with a weekly podcast, along with recently reprising his role as Ernest in the upcoming "Magic Mike's Last Dance," the third installment in the series. The former world champion also recently moved the "Kliq This" podcast from the AdFreeShows network to its own streaming service called KliqTV.