Jim Ross Provides Another Jerry Lawler Health Update: 'He's Not Out Of The Woods Yet'

Jerry "The King" Lawler has been on the mend since suffering a serious stroke at his home in Florida earlier this year. After the legendary wrestler and commentator underwent surgery and inpatient recovery, it seemed like his condition was improving. However, his long-time friend and former broadcast colleague Jim Ross hinted that Lawler isn't completely in the clear at the moment. On the latest episode of the "Grilling JR" podcast, the AEW announcer shared that he has been in constant contact with "The King." When they last talked, Ross indicated that more procedures may be in his friend's future. Although thanks to the topnotch medical team tending to Lawler, they're figuring out the best ways to proceed on this road to recovery.

"I talked to Lawler just the other day," said good ol' J.R. "He's still struggling with his health. He's got good doctors and they think they pinpointed a lot of the issues, but he's not out of the woods yet as far as getting back to a good degree of health. As always when we talk, his voice starts off a little bit weak and then it gets stronger as he talks and we laugh and we tell stories with each other."

Despite his health issues, Lawler is still committed to The Gathering 4, a convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 3 through 6. Aside from a brief video assisting Jimmy Hart with inducting iconic comedian Andy Kaufman into the WWE Hall of Fame, Lawler has had to clear his calendar of public appearances. But if his health improves, he may still make it to this event in North Carolina later this summer.

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