Turner Networks President On AEW Collision: 'We're Doubling-Down On Wrestling'

TNT is officially launching a second night of AEW programming on their channel with the addition of "AEW Collision," which premieres on Saturday, June 17. In a press release, Turner Networks President Jason Sarlanis stated that they are "doubling down" on wrestling.

"We're doubling-down on wrestling with AEW: Collision, which gives fans two more hours every week," Sarlanis said. "AEW's roster of talent has expanded so quickly that we felt it needed another night to bring our audience the epic rivalries, unforgettable matches and stars they love to watch."

The press release also noted that AEW has reached 23 million viewers so far this year with its content on both TBS and TNT. They drew that number by using one-minute qualifier metrics from "AEW Dynamite," "AEW Rampage," "AEW All Access," and "AEW Battle of the Belts" content that aired between December 26, 2022, and March 26, 2023.

AEW launched in 2019 with the premiere of "Dynamite" on TNT on Wednesday nights. Their flagship show moved to TBS at the start of 2022, which made it the first wrestling program to air on the channel since "WCW Thunder" went off the air in 2001. "Rampage" has continued to primarily air on Friday nights on TNT except for when preemptions occur, which has been a trend lately. "Battle of the Belts" airs quarterly on TNT, while "All Access" premiered in March with a six-episode run. The reality-based show followed several top AEW stars including Adam Cole, Britt Baker, and The Young Bucks to give fans a peek behind the curtain.