Eva Marie Wishes Last WWE Run Lasted Longer, Was Shocked At Having SummerSlam Match

After a few years away from WWE television, Eva Marie made a surprise return in the spring of 2021 and began a partnership with her new protégé, Doudrop (now known as Piper Niven). Throughout the summer, Marie and Doudrop competed in a few tag team bouts before Marie received an opportunity to wrestle in a singles match at SummerSlam against former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. 

Unfortunately, Marie's second run didn't last quite as long as she had hoped, as she was later released from the company in November. During a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, Marie provided reactions to her various performances in WWE, including her battle against Bliss. 

"I really wasn't supposed to wrestle as much as I wrestled," she said. "Obviously performing at SummerSlam, not only is it live pay-per-view, but you're in front of like 100,000 people. It doesn't get much better than that. There's no feeling that is better ... [but] I'm not going to lie, I was shocked that I had a SummerSlam match because I had just come back and I wasn't supposed to wrestle, so that was definitely kind of crazy."

After Bliss picked up the win in their match, Doudrop announced Marie as the loser of the contest, leading to a brief feud between the former allies. Marie was written off of television with an injury in late September after an attack from Shayna Baszler. 

Reflecting back on her last stint, Marie said she was a fan of the character she portrayed but wishes her storyline had run longer. When recently discussing a possible return to WWE, Marie indicated she had been in constant talks with the company, but nothing solid has presented itself yet.