Dirty Dango (Formerly WWE's Fandango) Challenging For Impact Digital Media Title

Impact Wrestling's Under Siege card continues to take shape. In the latest update, the promotion has announced that Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry will defend his title against Dirty Dango (formerly known as Fandango in WWE) on the "Countdown to Under Siege."


Shortly after Hendy and Dango secured a victory in a four-on-three handicap match alongside Santino Marella at Impact Rebellion last month, Marella was assaulted backstage by an unknown assailant. In response, Dango launched an investigation to uncover the identity of the perpetrator, but as it turns out, Dango himself was the attacker all along. After weeks of digging, the truth was finally brought to the surface on Thursday night. 

As Hendry accidentally tore open Dango's shirt, he spotted a bald patch on Dango's chest. Upon Hendry's realization, Dango shoved Hendy's face into a wall and proclaimed that the case was closed. Dango will now challenge Hendry for the Digital Media Championship next Friday. 


In late January, Dango inked a one-year deal with Impact.