Jeff Jarrett Recalls Owen Hart Jumping On His Back As A Rib, Teaming With Owen

As tag team partners in the late 1990s, Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart spent plenty of time together, both inside and outside of the ring. Hart, a known practical joker, left his tag team partner with plenty of unforgettable stories from their time as a duo, and Jarrett spoke about one of them on an episode of his podcast "My World" about some of his favorite memories of teaming with Owen.


During their partnership in 1999, Owen would frequently rib Jarrett, with one of the most frequent and recurring ribs occurring following their matches on their way backstage. "Owen would jump up on me, hold onto my neck and go 'Hold me! Hold me! Hold me!' as a rib, and he's like, 'alright, let's go up the ramp,'" Jarrett recalled, "You'd try to put him down but he kinda just holds onto you... he was heavy!"

Jarrett then discussed the joy he got from teaming with Owen and wrestling against the other top teams in the company. "Teaming with Owen was always a blast... it was stuff that you'd go through the curtain and go, 'We get paid to do this?'" Jarrett reminisced before speaking about the pair's strong connection. "Our chemistry clicked, the team clicked with Debra," Jarrett explained, "At the end of the day, Jeff and Owen were really just playing Jeff and Owen on TV."


The current All Elite Wrestling star went on to mention that he is very happy that AEW is not only partnered with the Owen Hart Foundation but that The Owen Hart Cup will make its return this Summer as the company tours through Canada, as well.