Tiffany Stratton Praises WWE NXT Coaches Sara Amato, Fit Finley, Norman Smiley

In less than two years in the WWE system, Tiffany Stratton is already showing major potential as a future star for the promotion, and may soon find herself "NXT" Women's Champion if her run through the "NXT" women's title tournament continues this week. But while Stratton, a former gymnast and bodybuilder, has a ton of athletic ability and a strong sense of her character, even she knows she's gotten to this point with a lot of help.

During an appearance on "Under the Ring," Stratton talked about the training she received down at the WWE Performance Center, and singled out three coaches who she feels have helped her in her rapid development.

"I'd say Norman Smiley, Fit Finlay, and Sara Amato," Stratton said. "They've all helped me tremendously. Fit Finlay definitely helps me at looking aggressive, and looking vicious, and looking nasty. He was known for that, so he helps me a lot there. Norman helps me with the amateur wrestling, the holds, and the getting out of it. He always has something cool to show me. And then Sara Amato helps me with in-ring psychology, helping me to put things, certain moves where they need to be, and stuff like that."

Stratton had particularly high praise for Smiley, a former WCW star and CMLL World Heavyweight Champion who has been a trainer for WWE since its developmental promotion was called Florida Championship Wrestling. Stratton strongly believes Smiley is someone every WWE trainee should look to for guidance.

"He has been there for such a long time, and he's helped so many people," Stratton said. "I feel like more people should come to him and take his advice, because has a lot of knowledge within wrestling."

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