Triple H Appears On WWE Raw, Gives Cody Rhodes Advice

Cody Rhodes is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Despite being a hotly anticipated match that many wrestling fans want to see, though, WWE's Chief Content Officer, Triple H, tried to discourage Rhodes from taking on "The Beast" on last night's edition of "WWE Raw."

The segment saw "The Game" approach Rhodes in the locker room and warn him about the potential ramifications of facing Lesnar. "I don't question for a second how tough you are, but this is different," Triple H said. "Think about that year you spent on the shelf after that. A year out of your career, a year out of your life."

However, Rhodes responded by saying that he'd feel even worse if he didn't show up to Night of Champions and fight Lesnar. He then said that Triple H should understand his mindset better than most, as he never backed down from any fights during his in-ring career. The segment ended with Triple H smiling and patting Rhodes on the shoulder, suggesting that he's proud of the "American Nightmare" and respects his decision.

Rhodes and Lesnar have been feuding since the "Raw" after this year's WWE WrestleMania. "The Beast Incarnate" was originally scheduled to team with Rhodes on the show, but he chose to attack him instead. They faced each other at WWE Backlash and Rhodes picked up the victory, which only angered Lesnar more. The pair have remained at odds since then, but their rivalry could potentially come to an end this weekend.