Darby Allin Says AEW Collision Will Create More Opportunities For Talent

As the premiere of "AEW Collision" quickly approaches on June 17, excitement from fans and wrestlers keeps mounting, including Darby Allin. While speaking with PWInsider Elite, Allin expressed the doors he feels the new Saturday show is opening up for members of the AEW roster.

"[It's a tricky] spot when you [have] two-hour television and then one hour on Friday, but with a whole other two hours, you can really sink your teeth into the whole set of guys and see what they can do, and to me, that's amazing," Allin said. "Like, I would love that. More eyes and more opportunities and more time? No problem."

Although there is some uncertainty surrounding the status of CM Punk heading into the show, one thing Allin is sure of is that he has no preference to appear on "Collision" or "Dynamite" amidst rumblings of an upcoming roster split.

"If I could work both shows, I would work both shows," Allin said. "We just started with the house shows and I just started doing those, and I've been on every one that we've had so far. It's one of those things on those house shows where I forgot how much I loved wrestling."

Aside from being a mainstay on AEW programming since 2019, Allin is a two-time former TNT Champion, with his first reign coming between 2020 and 2021, and his second occurring at the beginning of this year. He will get his third shot at the AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing this Sunday as he collides with "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, Sammy Guevara, and titleholder MJF.

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