Justin Credible Believes Tony Khan Needs Help Running AEW

Justin Credible has some things in common with any other wrestling fan. When AEW launched in 2019, he was hopeful that a new promotion had finally come around to not only challenge WWE's monopoly, but offer fans a true alternative. Four years later, the ECW veteran is overcome with feelings of "disappointment," as he believes AEW has failed to create compelling television. As he analyzed AEW's four-year journey on "Hitting the Turnbuckle," Credible prefaced his comments by clarifying that he wants "AEW to do great," as the promotion offers employment to scores of his peers. 

"AEW has so many amazing talents and people, but they've lost their way," Credible stressed. "I just don't think they're the same promotion that started a couple of years ago. I've watched every show since the inception, and it's just hard to swallow sometimes. The action, at times, can be so bad, and I don't understand how it can be when they have such great talents." Credible's issues with AEW boil down to "matches going too long" and "every match feeling the same," as he argues that marquee talents such as Jon Moxley shouldn't wrestle 15-minute bouts to defeat lesser-known names. "Can't you do that in seven?" Credible asked. "Maybe use the [extra time] to do backstage stuff, do something a little more creative than long matches." 

Credible admittedly has "no idea" who accompanies Khan in AEW production meetings, but believes the AEW boss is in urgent need of assistance. "It's too much on Tony Khan, too. I don't know who does what, but I believe he's writing a lot of television, especially now with Ring of Honor as well. He has a lot on his plate. I just don't see how [he operates]. I think he needs help, man."

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