Jinder Mahal Would Like To Manage Or Produce After WWE In-Ring Career Is Over

It's hard enough for a wrestler to retire from in-ring competition, but walking away from the business entirely is a completely different story. Just ask WWE superstar Jinder Mahal. The former WWE Champion opened up about his thoughts on life after wrestling on the latest episode of "After the Bell." The "Modern Day Maharaja" isn't sure when retirement will come, but he's definitely sure he wants to remain working in the business, claiming he's "addicted to the lifestyle."

"I love it," Mahal said. "I love going to random gyms in all these different cities. I love being on the road. I love the overseas tours, being on the bus with everybody. It's like family, the camaraderie we have with everybody in the back, the superstars in the locker rooms, everybody, even in the catering department I'm such good friends with, it's incredible." Mahal would "love to be a manager" or "even work backstage as a producer," helping out off camera. And the WWE star has gotten a taste of that in recent months, serving as the mouthpiece for "WWE NXT" tag team Indus Sher. It's been an up-and-down career for him, though, first a member of 3MB before leaving the company in 2014, then returning two years later as a jacked mainstay in the upper card picture.

Recently, though, Mahal's momentum has slipped once again. He hasn't won a match since June of last year, last winning before that in October the year before. But that's not worrying Mahal, who says he's still got what it takes. "I think I still have a long time left in the ring and I can still perform at a high level," he said.

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