Jimmy Uso Calls Himself 'Tribal Chief' On WWE SmackDown, Draws Ire Of Roman Reigns

The Bloodline continues to implode and a former Honorary Uce is loving every second of it.

On Friday's "WWE SmackDown," The Usos interrupted a KO Show segment that was originally planned for Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa, the two men who will challenge Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for the Unidpusted WWE Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions. Upon storming past Paul Heyman, The Usos asked Owens and Zayn to explain their actions from the previous week, where the champions cost The Usos a match against The LWO. That loss further heightened the ongoing tension between Reigns and The Usos, which was once again palpable Friday as The Usos refused to engage in conversation with "The Tribal Chief" in a backstage segment.


During the KO Show segment, Owens admitted that Zayn "was right all along" about Reigns and that The Usos had not been treated justly by their cousin. 

"Roman Reigns calls himself the Head of the Table, right? As far as I'm concerned, you guys are the heart of that table," Owens told The Usos. "But that's not how he treats you, is it? He treats you like the appendix of that table. He treats you like you're disposable."

Owens then referred to The Usos as "the greatest tag team in WWE history," which propelled Jimmy to make a shocking proclamation.

"When it comes to the Day 1's, I am the Tribal Chief," Jimmy said, much to the shock of everyone in the ring including Heyman. 


At this point, Reigns walked down the ring and stared down Jimmy, who refused to make eye contact with his cousin. The moment gave Zayn the perfect opportunity to poke the bear.

"Hey Roman, you know it's over, right?" Zayn asked Reigns, suggesting that The Bloodline was on its last legs. 

The segment spilled over to a brawl as The Usos helped Reigns and Sikoa take out Owens and Zayn. The show went off the air with Jimmy reluctantly handing over the tag titles to Reigns as The Bloodline posed together.