Francine Comments On Sabu's AEW Dynamite Debut, Says He 'Deserves A Spot Somewhere'

Tonight, ECW legend Sabu will serve as the special guest enforcer in the Unsanctioned match between Chris Jericho and Adam Cole at AEW Double or Nothing. The 58-year-old made his AEW debut this past Wednesday as he arrived on "Dynamite" to claim his stake in Cole's corner for the match. Following Sabu's surprise appearance, many wrestling legends, including Bully Ray and Sean Waltman, offered their thoughts on his debut. Fellow ECW alumni Francine has now shared her reaction.

During a recent edition of the "Eyes Up Here" podcast, Francine said that she thought Sabu looked to be in great shape. "I got so happy watching the clip because I thought Sabu looked phenomenal. He looked great, healthy. He got a great response and he is booked for Double or Nothing, which is May 28th this weekend."

Francine continued to weigh in on the recent statement made by AEW President Tony Khan, in which he said that Sabu's appearance at Double or Nothing will likely be a one-off. Khan did reiterate that he is open to the idea of Sabu returning post-Double or Nothing, but it has to be under the right circumstances. 

While Khan's statement indicates that there are no future plans for Sabu at the moment, Francine remains hopeful that his performance tonight will produce something more. "This could be his foot in the door if it does well, and he's over enough and they keep bringing him back. Maybe they'll use him more," Francine said. "A guy like Sabu deserves a spot somewhere because he's done so much for the wrestling business, in my opinion." Despite his age, Francine believes that Sabu has so much more to offer to the wrestling business and urges All Elite Wrestling to give him a chance to be seen. 

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