Maxxine Dupri Officially Joins Alpha Academy On WWE Raw

Maxxine Dupri has seemingly morphed from a fashionista managing models to a traditional pro wrestling valet.

On last night's "WWE Raw," Dupri swapped her typical high-end fashion model outfit for an Alpha Academy shirt, as she accompanied Otis & Chad Gable to the ring for their match against Imperium. Furthermore, during the match, Dupri shared a fist pump with Gable, which seemed to suggest that Gable was no longer at odds with the former Maximum Male Models (MMM) member.


Prior to the match, Gable confirmed that Durpi had officially joined Alpha Academy.

"It's time Imperium gets taught a free lesson or two, courtesy of the new-and-improved Alpha Academy," said Gable. "That's Otis, Gable and make it three with Maxxine Dupri!"

Midway through the match, Dupri was chased to the back by Valhalla of The Viking Raiders, who have been in a rivalry with Alpha Academy in recent weeks. With Dupri hinting at her in-ring debut, WWE could possibly be preparing for a six-person match pitting Alpha Academy & Dupri versus The Viking Raiders & Valhalla. 

Dupri being named the valet of Alpha Academy shouldn't come as a surprise. Last week, mån.sôör deleted Durpi from the contact list on his phone, not to mention stopped following his former ally across social media. The MMM member was reacting to Dupri accompanying The Alpha Academy during their match against The Viking Raiders the previous week, albeit in the corner of Otis, and not as an official valet.


Dupri first started recruiting Otis back in February, suggesting in various segments that Otis would be the perfect new addition to her modeling agency. However, Gable and Dupri butted heads for months and were seemingly prepared to fight for the services of Otis. Ultimately, Dupri convinced Gable that she had Otis' best interests at heart, giving him reason to add a third member to Alpha Academy. It's worth highlighting that WWE is presenting the new trio as babyfaces.