WWE's Maxxine Dupri Says She's Prepared To Make Her In-Ring Debut

Maxxine Dupri has balanced several non-wrestling roles since joining WWE, but will she ever step into the ring herself? Dupri, a current member of the "Raw" roster, has aligned herself with ma.çé and mån.sôör to lead Maximum Male Models, where she serves as their Director of Talent. In recent months, Dupri has recruited another talent to join them: former "Raw" Tag Team Champion Otis. As she looks to advance the careers of her clients, many have been hoping to see Dupri wrestle a match as well. While it's uncertain when her in-ring debut will actually happen, Dupri told "WWE Die Woche" that she's ready to spring into action whenever necessary.


"Let's just say that I am prepared and I will dominate if I have to," Dupri stated. "But I'm not gonna get my fingernails dirty on someone who's not worth it. So, when it is time, that's gonna happen ... You gotta just stay tuned in, but just know that if someone crosses me incorrectly, I'm prepared."

Dupri continued on to identify her dream opponent as WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella, who recently announced she and her sister, Brie, had officially departed from the company. Outside of the wrestling world, Bella has ventured into the worlds of reality television, hosting, and of course, fashion – a love that both she and Dupri share. Dupri remains one of the wrestling's toughest fashion critics, but with her stunning red carpet looks, Bella presents a compelling case to be inducted into Dupri's hypothetical WWE Fashion Hall of Fame as well.