New WWE Raw Star JD McDonagh Viciously Attacks Dolph Ziggler, Makes Another Statement

On last night's episode of "WWE Raw," JD McDonagh delivered another vicious beatdown on Dolph Ziggler and sent a clear message to his opponent. The superstars faced each other in a singles match, but it ended in a double count-out as the recent addition to the red brand roster was more interested in brutalizing Ziggler than having a conventional wrestling match.

The attack saw McDonagh throw Ziggler over the announcer's table before tossing him onto the steel steps. Afterward, McDonagh dug his knee into his opponent's neck and finished off the attack with a brutal stomp. The segment ended with McDonagh screaming, "You will remember this day" at "The Showoff," who lay beaten down on the arena floor.

Following the match, McDonagh took to Twitter and retweeted a clip of his attack on the WWE veteran. "You bite me, I bite back. I don't know what to tell ya," he wrote. "No prisoners."

The attack appears to have been yet another response to Ziggler recently eliminating McDonagh from a battle royale match to crown a number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. He attacked Ziggler after that match as well, and it's clear that the pair have unfinished business. However, it remains to be seen where the feud is leading and what the company's plans are for the superstars in question.

McDonagh bid farewell to "WWE NXT" earlier this month as part of the WWE Draft, and he'll be part of the "Raw" roster moving forward. During his time on "NXT," McDonagh won the Cruiserweight Championship on one occasion.