Maxxine Dupri Says She's Cleared To Wrestle, Would Love To Work With WWE Women

Maxxine Dupri has confirmed that she is now cleared to compete again as a professional wrestler, opening the door for her to potentially make her in-ring debut in WWE.

"I am training in-ring, everything is good, we are healthy," she revealed to "Out Of Character" with Ryan Satin. "I am trying to live in the moment, so I am so happy and content with my character and storylines, I am having so much fun. I obviously would love to get a little physicality going, but I also just want to really take in every single moment, as I feel like I'm never going to get this time back."

Dupri is currently a regular feature on "WWE Raw" alongside Alpha Academy, but she hasn't had any matches on the main roster. However, while she admitted to just enjoying her current run at the moment, she is also training at WWE's Performance Center with Norman Smiley. 

"I love Norman, he is just such a special human, I love being in his class he has such a positive delivery and he's obviously so talented and knows so much," she said. "I am always learning something new, which I love."

Dupri has also had the chance to roll around with Dana Brooke and Nikki Cross at the arenas, and that is something that has opened her eyes to more as she continues to prepare for a potential run as part of the women's division alongside them. 

"We have so many talented women and there's so much opportunity for me to learn from some of them, and to be in the ring with them would be so special," she said.

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