Barry Horowitz Didn't Appreciate David Arquette Becoming WCW Champion

While Barry Horowitz is best remembered for his upset victory over Bodydonna Skip in WWE back in July 1995, he also spent plenty of time in WCW, joining the promotion in 1997 and sticking around until early 2000, shortly before the promotion closed up shop a year later. As such, Horowitz got a great look at the highs of WCW, and eventually the lowest of the lows.

In an interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," Horowitz was asked if he saw any signs of WCW cratering when he first joined the promotion and was pretty blunt with the answer.

"No, not at first, until they started going with outlandish booking, making David Arquette the World Champion," Horowitz said. "I mean, come on now folks ... but no, while I was there, production was pretty cool, the ring was cool, catering, everything, traveling. I had no issues. It was fine."

Horowitz indicated he had no personal issues with Arquette, but disliked him winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship because he felt it made pro wrestling look bad. 

Expressing his disbelief at other celebrities getting involved in wrestling, or even getting into the WWE Hall of Fame, Horowitz is not enthused by celebrities in pro wrestling, barring one instance.

"Well it rubbed me the wrong way because I don't see me going to the screen set and getting a major part," Horowitz said. "Because David Arquette's there and I'm Barry Horowitz, pro wrestler. It makes it look like anybody can be a pro wrestler. I don't like that unless you pull it off properly like Bad Bunny. That's how you want to do it."

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