Blue Demon Jr. Partners With Movie Studios To Create Lucha Libre Universe

After the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every movie studio wanted to create their own shared universes and hopefully make monumental amounts of money, too. Warner Bros. launched their own superhero brand — the DC Extended Universe — to mixed results, and even Universal tried getting in the mix with a Dark Universe built around its classic monsters; it failed quickly. Now it appears that Mexican legend Blue Demon Jr. is plotting his own content universe as well: the Lucha Libre kind. 

Per Variety, the adopted son of Blue Demon is partnering with Candle Media's Exile Studios and production company Moxie 88 to create the Lucha Libre Universe, with the luchador's likeness being used as the centerpiece for projects in film, TV animation, and merchandise. First on the list will be the film "The Demon" with a targeted production start sometime next year. 

The deal with Exile Studios is the latest in the years-long collaboration between Demon Jr. and Moxie 88, which began in September 2018 with the creation of the Demon Worldwide production company. Demon Jr. would later be associated with the Disney Channel TV series "Ultra Violent & Blue Demon." He was originally cast as the uncle of main character Violet Rodriguez. However, he would later depart the project after it was retooled as "Ultra Violent & Black Scorpion." The show ran for one season before being canceled.

Approaching his 38th year as a luchador, Blue Demon Jr. is best known for his runs in CMLL, AAA, and Lucha Underground. In 2008, he became the first and, to date, only Mexican to ever hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.