Buff Bagwell Heading To Gun Range — With Father He Shot — For DSOTR Episode

Former WCW star Marcus "Buff" Bagwell recently made an appearance on an AdFreeShows livestream alongside Eric Bischoff, with both men answering questions from fans for nearly an hour. One topic that came up was Bagwell's participation in an upcoming "Dark Side of the Ring" episode, and it sounds as though the show could include some gripping scenes.

"Something that's coming up that I'm really excited about is the 'Dark Side of the Ring' is doing my story," Bagwell said. "They're taking me and my old man to a shooting range. Well, you remember I shot my old man. ... So he's going to tell the story, but Tara, the head producer at 'Dark Side of the Ring' — she goes, 'What do you think about going to a shooting range?' I go, 'Okay.'"

There is not an episode on Bagwell in the currently-airing season, possibly pointing toward another season of the show already being in the works. Bagwell is seemingly in active discussion with the producers of the series, which could mean the show will survive the recent bankruptcy of Vice Media.

Bagwell's current relationship with his father

This isn't the first time Bagwell's spoken about issues with his father. The shooting incident allegedly occurred when Bagwell was just 18 years old. However, it seems the two are on much better terms these days.

"My old man's real cool about it," Bagwell continued. "Me and my old man are tight. We've been best friends ... my whole life, except that little era right there. ... When I tried to kill him. No big deal." Bischoff then described their exchange as the craziest conversation he had ever had, which is saying a lot for the man who used to be in charge of WCW.

"Dark Side of the Ring" is currently airing in its fourth season on Vice TV. Last night's episode focused on the life and career of Magnum T.A., while the next installment will tell the story of Eddie Graham, also known as Rip Rogers, and his son Mike Graham.