Freddie Prinze Jr. Gives His Thoughts On The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins put his money where his mouth is on Monday's "WWE Raw," defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the third time in 11 days. And actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. doesn't think that's a bad thing. Prinze said on "Wrestling with Freddie" this week he believes the decision to have Rollins defend the title often on "Raw" won't water down the championship, but rather help establish it as "an honorable title."


"They're giving it to someone that's somewhere in between the hardest working man in show business and the most technically proficient," Prinze said. "I'm not saying he's 100 percent either one of those, but he's the sort of hybrid version of both, right? He knows all the moves, he makes people look great, and he makes himself look great. If he can make that belt mean something, and I think he can, then don't worry about how many times a month he defends it, because then when the heel eventually goes over, the heel will be like, 'Yeah, that open challenge crap is dead! I'm never defending this unless I absolutely have to, and then we can get a babyface story to come after."

The Working Man's Title

Since the introduction of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Rollins has made it a point to make sure the title is known as the "workhorse" champion's title. The now eight-time World Champion defeated AJ Styles for the title at Night of Champions, and has already routinely defended it.  Rollins vowed to bring the title with him to every "Raw" and defend it in an open challenge, often referencing his former Shield teammate Roman Reigns, who has rarely defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship during his 1,000-plus day reign. The "Visionary" even recently tweeted out his entire upcoming schedule, hammering home the point that he and his newly won championship are going to be a present figure for WWE fans.


And the fact Rollins is the one setting out to make the WWE World Heavyweight Championship "the working man's title" makes Prinze Jr. think it could work. "A lot of people are saying that diminishes the title, but I haven't heard a Seth Rollins boo in over two years," Prinze Jr. said. "I think it can work if you give it a chance."