WWE Announces Unification Of NXT Women's Tag Titles And Main Roster Women's Tag Titles

Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey are hungry for gold, and now they've got their sights set on Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. Friday night on "WWE SmackDown," WWE announced a match to unify the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship and the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship after Baszler and Rousey confronted reigning "NXT" champs Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn.


As Fyre and Dawn were being introduced to the crowd, they were immediately interrupted by the newest WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Baszler questioned their knowledge of "WWE NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship history and claimed the titles only exist because of her, after which Rousey claimed the division wasn't big enough for them and demanded a shot at the "NXT" tag team gold, as well. Fyre and Dawn were quick to accept the challenge before throwing the first shots and coming out on top in the ensuing brawl

The match, which was later announced for the June 23 episode of "SmackDown," seems likely to answer questions many fans have had since the WWE Draft about the status of the "NXT" women's tag belts with Fyre and Dawn called up to the main roster. After two years of existence and 12 total reigns, it's possible that Fyre and Dawn will go down as the final "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champions.