Asuka Receives New WWE Women's Championship On SmackDown, Charlotte Flair Challenges

Fortunately for Asuka, the reports were true. On Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown," general manager Adam Pearce presented "The Empress of Tomorrow" with a brand new WWE Women's Championship belt, replacing the "Raw" Women's Championship she won from Bianca Belair at Night of Champions


Unfortunately for Asuka, however, the reports were true. Before Pearce could even buckle the belt around Asuka's waist, she was confronted by a returning Charlotte Flair, who informed Pearce that she had no intention of waiting in line for a title shot and challenged Asuka to a championship match, which was immediately accepted. The appearance marked Flair's return to WWE programming after a two-month hiatus; she was last seen losing the "SmackDown" Women's Championship to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39.

Asuka's acceptance of Flair's challenge potentially sets up the fourth televised championship singles match between the two women, with Flair currently holding a 2-1 advantage (there have been 11 total singles match between them, six won by Flair, five by Asuka). It also puts Pearce in a bind, as earlier in the broadcast, he had promised Belair a rematch for the title. While Pearce mentioned in a backstage segment that Asuka vs. Charlotte could occur the night on the June 30 "SmackDown," the night before Money in the Bank, it's also possible WWE is ultimately setting up a triple threat involving Belair.