Rush Announces AAA Departure Ahead Of TripleMania XXXI

AEW star Rush has announced his departure from AAA just over a month ahead of TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana. Rush made the announcement in a Facebook post, saying that both he and his father, La Bestia del Ring, would be departing AAA effective immediately. He and his father will now be independent performers until a "real promoter" gives them a contract, according to Rush. One assumes he's only talking about promoters in Mexico, since he remains under contract to AEW in the U.S.


Rush was scheduled to take part in the finals of Guerra de Rivalidades, where he and LA Park would take on Sam Adonis and Psycho Clown. The losing team of that match would've gone on to the main event of TripleMania XXXI: Mexico City to face off in a singles match with a Mask v. Hair stipulation. With Rush gone, a potentially huge match for AAA is now off the table. A big question on the minds of fans following the announcement is whether or not this will enable Rush to be on the card for the upcoming AEW and NJPW cross-promoted Forbidden Door. On Twitter, luchablog answered that question with a simple, "No."

Rush and other AAA-affiliated stars, such as Andrade El Idolo and the Lucha Bros, are reportedly forbidden from partaking in Forbidden Door due to NJPW's ties with CMLL, a rival promoter to AAA in Mexico. The rivalry between the two Mexico-based promotions spans back to the 1990s, and NJPW's relationship with CMLL spans back over a decade. While Rush and Andrade have previously worked with both NJPW and CMLL, they began working with AAA in 2019 and 2021 respectively.