The Butcher Explains The 'Confusing' Way AEW And ROH Talent Are Separated

Ever since the relaunched Ring of Honor began airing weekly episodes again in February, there have been questions about the make-up of the promotion's roster. Would it have its own exclusive roster — treated as a separate entity by Tony Khan from AEW — or would underutilized AEW talent help fill out the cards? Thus far, it's been a bit of both, with members of the AEW roster going back and forth between promotions, and others strictly hanging around the ROH brand.


If it all seems a little bewildering, The Butcher can relate. Speaking with "Josh Nason's Punch-Out" podcast, the brutish AEW star attempted to make sense of how the AEW-ROH split works, something he can't keep straight himself half the time.  

"I think there's like some dudes that are just under the All Elite umbrella, and then there are guys that are just under the ROH umbrella," The Butcher said. "I know for the most part, a lot of the guys are just under the main thing. So if you're needed at ROH, you can go into ROH and do ROH. But I know there are some dudes that have exclusive ROH deals. It's pretty confusing sometimes."

Ultimately, The Butcher is a team player and is willing to work on whatever show requires his services, which recently has been both. The Butcher, The Blade, and ally Kip Sabian took part in the Blackjack Battle Royal for Orange Cassidy's International Championship at AEW Double or Nothing. Plus, they also competed in six-man tag team action on ROH, where they defeated Bryce Saturn, Jakob Austin Young, and Shogun on June 1.


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