Will Washington Details His Wrestling Administration Coordinator Gig With AEW

One of All Elite Wrestling's newest hires is former Fightful correspondent Will Washington. Washington appeared on the company's "AEW Unrestricted" podcast to detail his current responsibilities as Wrestling Administration Coordinator, including how his exact title came to be.


"As I was getting hired, the title changed multiple times," Washington said. "Part of why it changed multiple times was that the role kind of started with one expectation in mind, and then it was one of those, 'Hey! You've got experience in this. Why don't you do this? And why don't you do this?' And then suddenly, it became kind of this all-encompassing thing, and then talking with Tony [Khan] and Megha [Parekh], they were like, 'Well, the title we came up with you is Wrestling Administration Coordinator.'"

The AEW official and former podcaster also shared an anecdote about receiving the "All Elite" graphic, which wasn't originally planned. Initially, Tony Khan was simply going to put out a Tweet sharing the news that the company had hired Washington. However, as they were sitting there together, Khan got the idea to make Washington the second-ever non-wrestler to receive the graphic. Within 10 minutes, the graphic was online. Washington described it as life-changing and a cool moment, despite the fact that it would "put a target on [his] head" for many notoriously harsh wrestling fans.


The responsibilities of a Wrestling Administration Coordinator

Washington was hired back in May, and it sounds as though the recent addition has already settled into his backstage role. Speaking to "AEW Unrestricted" host Aubrey Edwards, Washington detailed what his work day looks like as AEW's Wrestling Administration Coordinator.


"There's a lot of things I'm doing," Washington continued. "I'm backstage at every AEW event. I'm usually sitting in creative meetings, things along those lines. Helping plan out the show, we're having discussions as far as 'Dynamite' and 'Rampage' are concerned, and soon to be 'Collision.' ... There's other little things, like writing descriptions for 'Dynamite' that you see on your cable TV provider. And I've been working on bios for every single AEW talent, [which] I didn't realize we didn't have."

Washington cited his excellent memory for wrestling details as being a helpful trait for the job. Additionally, he teased his participation in some upcoming AEW projects that have yet to be announced.


"There's a bunch of other things that I can't talk about that I've been working on," Washington stated. "At the end of the day, it's a big, broad title, and there's just a lot of things I'm doing behind the scenes."