Why Ted DiBiase Says Ric Flair 'Has The Same Match Every Night'

Ric Flair and Ted DiBiase are known as two of the greatest performers of their generation. However, from the sound of it, the two didn't exactly see eye-to-eye when it comes to their in-ring work. Appearing on "The Snake Pit" with Jake Roberts, DiBiase gave his thoughts on Flair's style of putting matches together.


"I'm not knocking Ric at all," DiBiase started. "But, a lot of times, if you watch Ric Flair work enough, it's almost like he has the same match every night." Roberts agreed with DiBiase's assessment.

"The same bumps. Everything," Roberts said.

"As far as we're concerned, anyway, that's not where it's at, man," DiBiase continued. According to DiBiase and Roberts, they called all of their matches in the ring rather than planning anything out ahead of time. The only things DiBiase recalled talking about ahead of the match was how they could start off in reaction to whatever had happened the previous week. Everything after that and up to the finish was worked out during the match. DiBiase went on to further detail the process of putting matches together as you go.


"It's an acquired skill," DiBiase said. "Listening to the crowd, it's like you just know. And when you really got them and you know they're there, you know when to go, and let's take it home." Roberts agreed, comparing a match to a bowl of soup.

"You got potato, you got the stock, you got the meat," Roberts said. "All it needs is a little salt and pepper, you know? That might be a heat spot, or a comeback spot, whatever. And you just keep adding it and building it. Add it and build it. ... [By] the time the soup's f***ing ready, let's get it out of the pot and into the bowls."

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