Jamie Hayter Tells AEW Talent To Pick CM Punk's Brain: 'He's A Wealth Of Knowledge'

CM Punk is set to return to AEW, and while there still may be some trepidation about his presence in the locker room, the AEW Women's World Champion does not share such concerns.

"I always had really great conversations with him about wrestling," Jamie Hayter told Metro, claiming that Punk has always been incredibly helpful toward anyone who asked. "He's a wealth of knowledge because he's been in the business for so long, and he's got extensive experience." 


Hayter also had some strong words for anyone thinking they didn't need Punk's advice. "You'd kind of be a fool to not want to pick his brain and not want to work with the guy," Hayter said. "He knows what he's doing!"

Taking advice from veterans has been a divisive topic in the AEW locker room. Punk specifically took umbrage with wrestlers like Hangman Page refusing to learn from experienced wrestlers during the infamous post-All Out scrum in 2022 — the last time Punk was seen in AEW. So infuriated with Punk's words were some members of the locker room, that Punk ended up in an altercation backstage with The Elite.

However, time allegedly heals all wounds, and Punk is set to return on June 17 for the premiere of "AEW Collision." There had been rumblings of some sort of brand split that might keep him separate from several others, but we haven't how that might play out just yet within AEW programming.