Nick Patrick Contrasts WWF And WCW Approaches To Monday Night War

Oftentimes, fans and those within the industry alike will describe professional wrestling as being cyclical. That is a theory to which former referee Nick Patrick, who spent over 20 years between both WCW and WWE, subscribes. Appearing on "Insight," he broke down the major difference between each promotion during the Monday Night War, while explaining why believing WCW was going to stay on top forever was foolish.


"To come from being No. 2 for as long as we were to all of a sudden — Bam! Now we're handing it to 'em pretty good," Patrick said. "We started dropping bombs on 'em, and they had to completely regroup. That's such a great feeling of accomplishment, ya know?" From the locker room to the head office, the general attitude within WCW shifted. Ultimately, WCW faltered and was eventually purchased by WWE. However, Patrick lamented that while WCW knew how to start the fire, they didn't know how to keep it going. In the end, that was their undoing. Additionally, he never believed they'd stay number one forever.

"No, you hope that — I never thought that — I mean, only a fool would think that," Patrick stated. He also noted that while WWE was a family business, looking to pass something on to future generations, WCW was just trying to stay hot. "And it seemed like there towards the end, WCW was more like just a business," he added. "Like maybe even a bar business that you would get, and you get it hot, and you try to sell it and get out of it before it tanks out."


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