Moose Says His Shyness Played A Big Factor When Considering Leaving Impact

Moose's Impact Wrestling contract is reportedly set to expire this month (according to Fightful) potentially putting him into the free-agent market. While there are many factors that will determine what he does next, one that some people might not expect is the fact that he's shy. 


"That's also my big scare with ever going to a new company or ever going somewhere else, making new friends. I am really shy when it comes to getting to know people or being cool with people," he said to "The Undisputed Podcast." "I am usually to myself. I have always been shy. Every time it comes to leaving Impact, that's always a big factor in my decision-making."

Moose has had the chance to depart Impact Wrestling in the past, as his previous deal expired back in 2021, but he opted to re-sign with the company and extend his stay by two years. At the time, there was reported interest from WWE, so it seems he did have the option to move on. Moose has claimed his decision at that time was made because he felt he had things still to achieve in Impact and he enjoyed the creative freedom, which h has been tapping into ever since. But two years on, the former Impact Wrestling World Champion will have to make that decision once again, and it seems that worrying about making new friends could play a part in that.


WWE could once again be an option for him — the company has attempted to sign him previously, and it's well-known that he's good friends with the likes of Ricochet, Akira Tozawa, and Apollo Crews, which could potentially make that transition easier if this decision ends up in a different place than the last one.

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