CM Punk Delivers Heartfelt Message Of Support For Trans Kids Following AEW Collision

Following the conclusion of the debut episode of "AEW Collision," main event winners CM Punk and FTR brought a fan into the ring with his sign that read, "Support LGBTQ+ Kids." With the fan in the ring, Punk spoke on a recent Instagram story he posted that featured an ice cream bar that's proceeds go towards supporting trans youth.

Punk said he got backlash on social media for the post and had a faceless ask him, "Why do you support that trash?" Punk noted that he didn't respond because "You can't argue with stupid." However, Punk carried on with a more heartfelt message in support of Trans rights and LGBTQ+ rights at large.

"The reason I support trans kids, trans-grown-ups, gays, and lesbians is because I know when I was growing up, I didn't fit in anywhere. That it was because of the clothes I wore, what my hair looked like, and the music I listened to. Those are all things I can rectify. I can comb my hair, I can listen to jazz, I don't know what. But to be somebody who's gay, lesbian, and especially trans, I don't know what it feels like to be trapped in a body that I don't feel I belong in. That is why I support that," Punk said, "Support Trans kids, support gay and lesbian rights. I want everyone to be themselves."

Punk's appearance on "Collision" last night marked his first time wrestling since AEW All Out in September 2022, following controversial comments at the post-show media scrum.