Inside CM Punk's Apology To Tony Khan For AEW All Out Media Scrum

Ahead of his return to AEW tonight, CM Punk has shared some candid details concerning his nine-month absence, which followed his infamous post-All Out scrum and the resulting backstage kerfuffle. After delivering his remarks to the media, Punk eventually offered Tony Khan an apology for his behavior. In a new interview with ESPN, the former AEW World Champion recounted his sit-down with Khan and the emotions that propelled his actions at the scrum.


"The first thing I said to Tony when I sat down with him and spoke to him after it was, 'Man, I'm really sorry I put you in that position, I apologize for the scrum.' But when you've watched that scrum, you're looking at a very, very frustrated guy who had told people," Punk said, alluding to some of his previous grievances, which included a spat with "Hangman" Adam Page ahead of Double or Nothing in May 2022.

"That's not the first time [Tony] heard all that," Punk continued. "It's not the first time lawyers were told all that. And I was just looking for something to be done and nothing got done. So, if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. And I just didn't approach it in the right manner, but tension was high. I was very, very pissed," he added. "I pretty much knew that I had just injured myself again. I was hurt, and I was disappointed. Yeah, it's very easy for me to say I regret that and I handled it the wrong way, 100%."


Despite having an up-and-down relationship with Khan, Punk said they are now on "great" terms. The status of Punk's relationship with The Elite — who were also involved in the backstage altercation — remains a bit fuzzy though. Punk later noted that he tried to get in touch with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks after the incident but received legal notices advising him to avoid contact with them. As such, it appears there have been no apologies exchanged between those parties to this point.