Brandi Rhodes Urges Someone On WWE Raw To Retaliate Against Rhea Ripley

Brandi Rhodes is apparently tired of watching Rhea Ripley bully her way through the WWE roster. On Monday's "WWE Raw," Ripley did not officially wrestle a match, but her dominant presence was felt throughout the show. 


Prior to her scheduled bout against Natalya, Ripley ambushed the veteran Canadian wrestler from behind, throwing her into the barricade and the ring steps, before whipping her into the LED apron. Ripley wasn't quite done as she continued to deliver vicious headbutts to Natalya before finishing her off with a Riptide.

Later in the night, Ripley got physically involved during the main event, aiding Dominik Mysterio and the rest of Judgment Day in their match against Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens. At one point, Ripley even challenged Zayn to strike her, and when Zayn charged towards her, Ripley ducked, causing Zayn to hit Mysterio with a somersault senton. The inadvertent distraction nearly cost Judgment Day the match as Rhodes nailed a Cody Cutter on Damian Priest for a near pinfall. 


Ultimately, Rhodes did secure the win for his team by pinning Priest, triggering all sorts of emotions from an irate Ripley. As Brandi watched the match live, she tweeted the thoughts shared by many WWE fans. 

"Somebody hit that gal," Brandi wrote on Twitter, implying that it wouldn't be unseemly for a male superstar to strike Ripley. "The Nightmare" responded by blowing a kiss at Brandi, as seen below.

For the second time in the span of a few weeks, Brandi has seemingly interjected herself into the ongoing Cody versus Judgment Day rivalry. With her husband set to wrestle Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank, there is chatter of Brandi possibly returning to WWE programming to even the odds against Ripley. In the meantime, Brandi's wishes could be answered in the form of Raquel Rodriguez, who stared down Ripley on Monday's show, making it clear that she wasn't afraid of the WWE Women's World Champion.