WWE Bringing Back Raw Underground For Match On NXT

What's old is new again.

On the latest episode of "WWE NXT," Damon Kemp challenged Eddy Thorpe to a rematch after Thorpe got a win over Kemp on "NXT" two weeks ago. Thorpe agreed but then Kemp promised that he would be "bringing Raw Underground to 'NXT,'" referencing the short-lived wrestling-MMA hybrid presentation that used to be part of the third hour of "Raw." Thorpe was later visited backstage by NCAA Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson (the real-life brother of Kemp) during the broadcast, but there was no word on whether the highly skilled amateur will be involved.

The Raw Underground match will happen in two weeks on "NXT." It appears that the stipulation will mean victory can be achieved only by knockout or submission and that the ring ropes will be taken down. The format is a spin on the popular independent wrestling event Josh Barnett's Bloodsport, which is run in conjunction with Game Changer Wrestling.

Raw Underground debuted in early-August 2020 and ran until late September, with the segment labeled officially dead in December 2020, as it became trickier to keep the contracted extras and WWE Superstars separate in a way that would comply with COVID-19 policies at the time. Hosted by Shane McMahon, the pseudo-fight club appeared to take place in the basement of the WWE ThunderDome and was a showcase for wrestlers like Dabba-Kato and Arturo Ruas. There is no word on whether Shane McMahon will return for "NXT's" version of Raw Underground, nor whether "NXT" will continue to use the "Raw" branding for the stipulation.