Paul Heyman On 'Growing Pains' The Usos Are Going Through With The Bloodline In WWE

The Bloodline storyline took another twist at Night of Champions last month when Jimmy Uso turned on Roman Reigns, which ultimately sealed his exit from the family stable. Jey followed his twin brother out of the group on the June 16 episode of "WWE SmackDown" by superkicking the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in the face. Paul Heyman — Reigns' special counsel — spoke about The Usos during an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show."


"Listen, this is growing pains," Heyman said. "And The Usos are now experiencing the same growing pains that they did when they were children, and they always were second to Roman Reigns. Whether it be on the football field, or at the house, or who got the better food for the better nutrition to build the better body, or who could just whoop whose ass in the backyard, it was always, you know, 'The Tribal Chief' that remained dominant over the twins. 

"And it did take two twins to put one 'Tribal Chief' down. I love the twins. I love Jey and Jimmy, and I hope that they will display the same greatness that they did as the greatest tag team champions of all time when they take their beatings from Roman Reigns and Solo [Sikoa] at Money in the Bank [on] July 1st in London."


Reigns and Solo Sikoa are set to face The Usos in a "Bloodline Civil War" tag team match at the Money in the Bank premium live event on July 1. 

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