Why Matt Cardona Says He's Not Sure He'd Take An Offer From A Major Promotion

In the three years following his exit from WWE, Zack Ryder re-branded himself into the "Indy God." Now performing under his real name, Matt Cardona, the former WWE Superstar began carving out a new legacy for himself, racking up championships across promotions such as Impact Wrestling, NWA, and GCW. As Cardona continues to enjoy his ride with free agency, fans wonder if he has considered settling down with one promotion again. On "Notsam Wrestling," Cardona noted that he's always willing to entertain the option with a phone call, but doesn't envision himself inking a full-time deal with a major promotion right now.


"I have not been in any communication with anybody. They know my numbers," Cardona said. "So, listen, I would have a phone call with anybody, but I don't know if I would go back to either big company right now. I feel like [Steph De Lander and I] are f***ing killing it. No matter how you define success — accolades, money, happiness — I'm the most successful I've ever been in my career."

While Cardona isn't sure if he'd accept any offer at this moment, he admitted that he it would still be cool to re-live the moments of wrestling in large stadiums and seeing his action figure inside a Target or Walmart. Right now, though, Cardona is having a lot of fun working on the independent circuit, where he maintains creative control over his character. "I don't need like Hulk Hogan creative control, [but] I don't want to be just another guy on the roster," Cardona later said.


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