WWE's Xavier Woods Would Love The New Day To Do A Six-Man Tag With AEW Stable

In 2024, The New Day will reach their 10-year anniversary in WWE, and while it might over a year away, Xavier Woods is already crafting some celebration ideas in his head. Speaking with "My Love Letter To Wrestling," the former King of the Ring explained his vision. "I feel like the 10-year anniversary for New Day, my magic wand wish would be we get to go to Tokyo for a week. Spend time in Tokyo arcades for a full week hanging out, and we make a video of it and that's how we celebrate," Woods said.


In addition to a parade of video games, Woods hopes to expand his reach and wrestle in some new territories as well. "I'm trying to wrestle everybody," he said. When asked who he had his eye on, Woods admitted that there were numerous names on his list, including The Young Bucks of AEW.

Woods followed up by saying The New Day would definitely be interested in running a six-man tag team with The Elite While the three-on-three contest would pose as a first-time matchup between the stables, Woods does share some history with The Young Bucks. When The Young Bucks performed as Generation Me, the duo battled Woods (then known as Consequences Creed) and Jay Lethal at a pair of TNA house shows in February 2010. Of course, any potential feud between them was then halted as Woods departed from the company the next month.


Outside the wrestling world, Woods and Omega have bonded by playing video games together against one another. Though they might work for different wrestling promotions, Woods believes video games open up a unique opportunity for talent to crossover and break those "weird boundaries" companies sometimes put between one another.