Rocky Romero Would Like To See More AEW Talent Gain Experience By Working In Japan

The partnership between NJPW and AEW has proven to be fruitful so far, with two major PPV events and several collaborative matches having taken place. However, during the latest "AEW Unrestricted" podcast, Rocky Romero made it clear he believes more can be done with this partnership as the relationship gets deeper.


"I hope that we will see more AEW wrestlers, especially the younger talent, coming over to Japan and working in New Japan and getting those reps in so they can come back," he said. "Almost like in New Japan, they have a thing where they send young wrestlers, rookie wrestlers, on an excursion. I think New Japan could be a thing for that for certain talents to come over."

Previously AEW has sent wrestlers across to New Japan for various shows, but it has typically been the bigger names in the company that have had those opportunities such as Jon Moxley. However, if Romero had his way then it would be those with less experience getting the chance to learn from working more regularly. But, he also believes there is another way that this partnership could continue to blossom moving forward.


"And also working with our sister company Stardom for the women's division," Romero said. "I think that can be something really cool and vice-verse I think it could really work out for both companies."

No Stardom talents were used at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event, but that is due to the Japanese promotion already having an event scheduled. However, Tony Khan did make it clear that he is open to working with the company down the line.

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