Why Barry Horowitz Is Secure With His Place In The Pro Wrestling Universe

Former WWE star Barry Horowitz is known as "The Jobber to the Stars" for spending the majority of his career as an enhancement talent. During a recent appearance on "Under the Ring," Horowitz explained why he's comfortable with his legacy and place in the history of professional wrestling despite the many ups and downs.

"I fulfilled my dream in pro wrestling," Horowitz said. "[I] wanted to be a pro wrestler, and not everybody can be the main eventer or superstar. You gotta have people like me." Horowitz stated that he would've loved to occupy a higher position on the card throughout his career, but he found himself in a position where he could either take what he was being offered or leave the business altogether. The former WWE star decided to stay.

"My career could've [gone] either way," Horowitz continued. "So let's say I did get pushed to the degree of a Shawn Michaels or any of your top-tier guys. It could've went that way, but at the same time, 'Hey, we need a guy to get people over.' For instance, if you got a guy that can't work, you really need me to make it look like he works. But on the other hand, if you got a guy like Bret Hart, which he can work, it just enhances his work because I'm going to complement his work. You need a guy like me, and you need a bunch of us like that."

Horowitz has made something of a resurgence in recent years, appearing for AEW and performing on Impact Wrestling. The former WWE performer's most recent match took place this past January, when he defeated Johnny Swinger during an Impact taping.

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