Jake The Snake Roberts Disagreed With Vince McMahon About Stone Cold Steve Austin

Considering the megastar he would go on to become, it can be hard for people to not see Steve Austin as a main event-level talent, but not everyone saw that in him at first. That's something that led to a disagreement between Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Vince McMahon, due to the fact that they saw him differently as he was arriving in WWE.

"After I watched him for a while I went to Vince and said, 'This is your next superstar,' and he said, 'Are you kidding? I don't see him anything other than mid-card,'" Roberts revealed on "The Snake Pit." "That's exactly what he said, mid-card at best. He was ready, primed, ready, settled go. I was pushing anything to have Steve do." Roberts didn't just believe in the "Texas Rattlesnake" behind the scenes either, as he would push him to McMahon, but he would also help Austin directly. At the time, Roberts was a respected legend in the industry, and he was on hand to impart as much wisdom as possible to Austin as he continued to evolve.

"Steve was calling me if not nightly, every other night and asking me about this and what about that, what should I have done, what could I have done, different things," Roberts said. "He was wanting to learn, he was wanting to know what could get him over the hump and I gave him everything I could."

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